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“It’s Day One and right out of the box, I’m all set up and ready to use the USB product. I did comparison shopping with several other plans and yours I found on CNET. I must say that I’m impressed. Thank you and Bravo to you on such a great service.”

LaNita K., TX

“Your service and prices sounded too good to be tru! I’ve finally found the solution. Thank You!”

Kimberlee W., MN

“You are the BEST ever!!! Do you know how long I have been looking for something like this!? WOW!!!”

Marlana L., NV

“WOW! This is my solution! Excellent product!”

Glen E., NJ

Is this for real? This REALLY seems too good to be true!

Cheryl H., MI

“Finally, a 3G mobile data plan that makes sense. I was so frustrated with other plans that forced me to buy too much or too little data with short 15 or 30 day expirations. Now I simply pay for what I use – it’s that simple!”

Wireless user, Seattle WA

“My 3G data usage on my laptop depends on my travel schedule, and I was being forced to buy these ridiculous data plans that did not fit my needs at all. I constantly felt like I was being ripped off by the carrier. Now TruConnect has this new data plan that is simple and straight forward – pricing by the megabyte with no expiration. Somebody is listening to the connected customer, thanks.”

Mobile road warrior, Minneapolis MN

“I have stopped using the open, so-called “free” Wi-Fi hotspots that are showing up everywhere. Although it’s convenient, the connection is completely unsecure allowing any snoop to get at my personal information. TruConnect offers the best 3G wireless data plan on the market today with its “only pay for what you use” plan, but most important for me, is to know that I’m on a secure connection.”

Mobile Internet user, Savannah GA

“Simple, honest pricing…in the wireless industry, I found it hard to believe! The carriers have been taking my money for years with these “bucket” plans that I almost never use. Now I find TruConnect is offering a plan that has no contract, no expiration, and I only pay for what I use. Finally a company that gets it. Thanks TruConnect.”

Wireless user, Los Angeles CA

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