Terms of Service – TruConnect

These terms for the TruData Service
Plan are subject to the TruConnect General Terms and conditions, which is available on our website http://www.truconnect.com

TruConnect Data Service Plans

TruConnect provides you with the option to pay by the megabyte for
your service. At times our service plans change or need adjustment. Customers
currently on a changing or expired service plan may continue to use them until
such time as we elect to cease offering these plans.

Please note that only devices purchased from TruConnect will allow you to take advantage
of our one of a kind data plan offerings. If you have a device with built in 3G capability this device will
not work with the TruConnect service plan. You will need to purchase a TruConnect device.

Current Service Plans

The TruConnect Plan

To activate your TruConnect
Plan visit href="https://activate.truconnect.com">https://activate.truconnect.com. To maintain your
account there is a $4.99 monthly access fee. After the access fee, each
megabyte (MB) of data costs 3.9¢. The payment methods are specified in the Payment
section of this document. See both Automatic Top-up and Monthly Recurring Charges

Your account balance never expires unless conditions occur as specified in the Payment Method section of this document or if you deactivate or suspend your account.
If you suspend or deactivate your account, your account balance will remain intact for a period of 60 days, and in the event your account is reactivated you may use the full amount in your account, if your account is not reactivated within 60 days your balance will be
forfeited. Monthly access fees are non-refundable. To reactivate your account, visit https://manage.truconnect.com, go to “Manage Devices” and click “Reactivate” for the account you wish to reactivate.

Payment Method

Automatic Top-up

Our service plan uses Automatic Top-up to ensure you are never left
without mobile Internet access when you need it. The minimum top-up amount is
$10.00. We may allow you to select a greater top-up dollar amount. When you
activate your account your selected top-up amount will be charged to the credit
card (“payment method”) you provide. As you use your TruConnect
Plan, 3.9¢ will be deducted per megabyte (MB). At the end of each session we
will calculate your usage rounded up to the nearest 0.1 megabyte. If actual
usage is 1.32 megabyte you are charged for 1.4 megabyte of data usage. When your balance falls
below $2.00 your primary payment method will be charged your selected top-up
amount. This payment will occur each time your account balance falls below
$2.00 to prevent an interruption in the service we provide you. Your account
credit will never expire unless you terminate your account. If your payment
method is declined and you fail to update your payment method your balance will
be used to pay your monthly subscription dues because of the expired payment
method. Once the balance runs out and you have not provided us with an authorized
credit card your account will be deactivated. Once you provide us with a valid credit card
your service will resume.

Monthly Recurring Charges

Your monthly access fee will be due on the first day of the month. The first month the monthly access fee will be prorated for the days left in that month and will be due on the day you sign up. We will deduct all monthly
recurring charges for your TruConnect Plan from your primary
Payment Method every month. If your Payment Method is declined your account
balance will be used to cover the monthly access fee. If your primary Payment
Method is declined and you do not have sufficient funds in your account and
have no secondary authorized Payment Method credit card on file, your service will
be stopped until you provide another valid Payment Method.

Checking Your Balance

You may check your balance at any time free of charge by visiting https://manage.truconnect.com/TruConnect/manage
and logging into your account. Actual
account usage for billing purposes may differ from the amount shown in your
account. Your account balance may not be accurate due to delays of information
reporting on your account usage, which can vary from 15 minutes to 48 hours. This functionality is provided as a service to
you and not as the real-time status of your account although we strive to make
the two match as closely as possible. TruConnect will
post the final charges to your account within 30 days of after the charge is

Effective as of 09/01/2011