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FREE Wireless Internet Service - Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

The FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a new federal government program that provides discounts on monthly broadband internet access service and certain connected devices. You may even qualify for free broadband internet!

You can qualify for the ACP benefit through participation in the same qualifying programs as the Lifeline Program, such as SNAP, Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Federal Public Housing Assistance, as well as the Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit Fund. Qualified Lifeline benefit participants are also eligible to receive the ACP benefit. Additional eligibility criteria unique to the ACP benefit include: 

  • Federal Pell Grant (current award year recipients)
  • Free and Reduced Priced School Lunch and Breakfast Program
  • WIC Program
  • Household income at or below 200% of the federal poverty level
  • Multiple Tribal Assistance Programs

The FCC will determine program eligibility using the Universal Service Administrative Company’s National Verifier and National Lifeline Accountability Database, or an alternative verification process.

The ACP monthly service and device discounts cannot be transferred to other individuals or households. An eligible household is limited to one monthly service discount and one device discount. You can obtain your ACP benefit from the participating provider of your choosing and can transfer your benefit to another provider at any time.

See what ACP offers are available in your state.

Our ACP Plans

Our ACP plans vary based on your state of residence and available options at the time of your opt-in*.

Our FREE ACP plans include:

  • California Lifeline Customers: TruConnect's California FREE ACP plan includes at least 14 GB of 4G/LTE data (ACP plan adds at least 8 GB to your Lifeline plan) with Wi-Fi hotspot capability
  • Lifeline Customers Outside of California: TruConnect's FREE ACP plans includes at least 12.5 GB of 4G/LTE data (ACP plan adds at least 8 GB of data to your Lifeline plan) with Wi-Fi hotspot capability
  • Stand-Alone Service: TruConnect's FREE ACP plans includes at least 8 GB of 4G/LTE data, Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities, and your choice of an LTE-enabled hotspot device or Google Play Certified LTE Android smartphone**

*You can apply your ACP benefit to any available TruConnect service plan
**Subject to availability, TruConnect may offer eligible subscribers the opportunity to purchase a discounted 8" Google Play Certified Android tablet with LTE connectivity, which may qualify for an ACP discount of up to $100.

For more information about the ACP benefit please contact our Customer Care team.