New California LifeLine Plans Now Have 5x the Data Per Month!

Starting today, TruConnect’s California LifeLine plans now include 500MB of Data instead of 100MB

New customers that sign up and are approved for California LifeLine can get 400 extra MB of data every month for even more email, web browsing, music streaming, and social media. Customers can also continue to enjoy the benefits of Unlimited Talk & Text and a $2 int’l call credit with their new LifeLine plan.

Bring Your Own Device

Qualifying California LifeLine customers now get even more data when they bring the phone they already own. Instead of 300MB of data, approved customers now receive 1GB of data when they BYOD!

California LifeLine PLUS

TruConnect now offers even better upgrades for California LifeLine. Customers have the opportunity to upgrade their existing plans so that they can enjoy more of what they love with TruConnect’s new LifeLine PLUS plans. The new California LifeLine PLUS options are as follows:

Unlimited Talk & Text with 1.5GB of Data for $10/month
Unlimited Talk & Text with 3GB of Data for $20/month

Pay-As-You-Go Mobile Plans

Customers who do not qualify for California LifeLine can still get the benefits of TruConnect at an affordable price. New customers have the following options for TruConnect’s Pay-As-You-Go Mobile Plans:

Unlimited Texting for $5/month
100 Units of Talk, Unlimited Texting, and 500MB of Data for $10/month
Unlimited Talk & Text and 500MB of Data for $25/month (includes $2 Int’l Call Credit)
Unlimited Talk & Text and 1.5GB of Data for $35/month (includes $2 Int’l Call Credit)
Unlimited Talk & Text and 3GB of Data for $45/month (includes $2 Int’l Call Credit)