TruConnect Is Now One of the Fastest Growing Wireless Companies in the United States

Emerging wireless provider brings innovation to expanding underserved customer base

Dallas, Texas, April 29, 2015–TruConnect, a rising brand among U.S. wireless companies, has emerged as one of the fastest growing wireless companies in the United States according to data from the Universal Service Administrative Company. The company has grown more than 300 percent in the past 12 months by focusing on the underserved market to provide affordable solutions to wireless Pay As You Go, Lifeline and mobile broadband customers.

TruConnect offers an array of affordable products and services geared toward bringing vital wireless technology to an underserved, cost-conscious market. The new corporate brand is a combination of companies formerly known as Sage Telecom, Telscape Communications and TruConnect Mobile, which powers the Walmart brand “Internet on the Go.”

TruConnect will focus on services such as wireless Pay As You Go, mobile broadband solutions, VoIP and wireless Lifeline-supported service. TruConnect market research shows that one in three Americans either lives with financial hardship or are just one crisis away from being affected. The company has made it its mission to provide wireless services to this underserved segment.

“Our company has a very right-minded purpose,” said Nathan Johnson, TruConnect's chairman and Co-CEO. “You cannot compete for a job or provide for a family today without being connected. We want to provide this vital connectivity for low-income customers and show the industry it can be done within a successful, profitable business."

The team behind TruConnect includes executives from companies such as T-Mobile, Metro PCS, Verizon Wireless and Transcom who joined TruConnect to innovate and reshape this segment of the U.S. wireless market. The company is aggressively expanding its retail presence through branded stores and distribution partnerships.

TruConnect offers no-contract, Pay As You Go and Lifeline wireless services on nationwide 4G LTE networks. Services and supporting devices are sold inside major national retailers, branded storefronts, online and in pop-up stores.

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About TruConnect

TruConnect is one of the nation’s fastest growing providers of no-contract wireless voice, text and data service. The Company is focused on bringing vital wireless technology to an underserved, ever-growing market and providing affordable, flexible data solutions to business professionals and casual Internet users. TruConnect has been providing wireless, residential and small business telecommunication services for more than 15 years under the Sage Telecom, Telscape Communications and TruConnect Mobile brands. For more information, visit

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