How to Activate Your SIM Card

1. Find your SIM card kit.

Your phone has arrived in the mail.

Open your package, inside you'll find your SIM card and SIM tool.

The tool is about the size of a paper clip, and looks like a long end attached to an oblong circle. Turn off your device.



2. Open your SIM tray. 

SIM trays are typically found on the side of your phone and look like a small slot with a hole.

With the pointy end of your SIM tool, poke the SIM tray hole. It should pop right out.

Can't find your SIM tray? You may need to remove the back of your phone cover. Your user manual should provide guidance.


3. Find the correct SIM size (standard, micro, or nano). 

Pop out your new SIM and place it into your SIM tray.





4. Press the SIM tray back into your phone.

You may now power on your device.





5. Activate your service!

To activate your service, make a quick call, send a text, or test your data by turning off your Wi-Fi.


Houston, we have a connection.


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