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From awesome affordable plan offerings to friendly customer support, our customers love TruConnect's broadband and wireless service. Can you say that about your wireless carrier?


But don't just take our word for it. Read on to discover why TruConnect is ranked as the best wireless provider for Lifeline, the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), and prepaid wireless plans.

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Mom and daughter taking selfie on couch
Mom and daughter taking selfie on couch

Hear what our happy customers have to say

"Best cell phone provider ever. Very wise choice."

Yoshinda M.
Holt, MI

"I never had a free phone with no bill until TruConnect."

Daniel W.
Washington D.C.

"Great customer service, fast and friendly."

Kevin G.
Canton, OH

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Tiffany A.
Nevada, MO

Love TruConnect and Amazon Prime!
Phone is great and service they provide is awesome along with 2 months free of Amazon Prime... it's a great deal! Love TruConnect! Thanks for providing me with a phone.

March 30, 2023

Danny J.
Exeter, PA

Great, fast, and reliable service. 
Just love it great fast and reliable service would recommend to anyone plus customer service rocks! Thanks TruConnect for having me.

March 30, 2023

Kathleen M.
Spring Valley, CA

Helpful, professional, and easy to sign up. Will definitely tell others!
The gentlemen that helped me with my new phone were very kind, professional and explained everything so I was able to understand the process. They deserve a raise due to their expertise in the job. I will tell others about TruConnect so that you will have more customers. Thank you!

March 30, 2023

Carla C.
Somerset, KY

It was so simple and quick!
It was so simple. The phone arrived in less than a week.It was easy to activate and gets great service.

March 30, 2023

Dustin I.
Bloomington, IN

Easy to apply! Reconnected me after losing my phone in house fire.
Easy to apply. I was able to get a free phone after I lost mine in a house fire.

March 27, 2023

Corrine C.
Dallas, TX

Got the tablet I've always wanted, but couldn't afford.
TruConnect made it possible for me to afford a tablet - something I've always wanted but could never afford. They delivered promptly and just as my phone was literally going out, they sent a new one just in time. There always just a phone call away. Trust truconnect!!

March 27, 2023

Sharon C.
Concord Township, OH

TruConnect is the best free government phone provider with excellent customer service!
TruConnect leads government phone providers with top notch phone associates at their call center, and keeping the customer informed on delivery of the order until it is received.

March 27, 2023

Terrell K.
St. Louis, MO

Easier and quicker than I thought! TruConnect helped me in a time of need and I'm so grateful.
It was super easy and extremely quick in comparison to what I was expecting. Y'all helped me out in a time when I needed help, without questions ...and I couldn't be more grateful. As soon as I finish the application, within the week my new phone was in the mail and I was able to use it the very next day with no hassle.

March 26, 2023

James L.
Bingen, WA

No service problems. Will recommend to all my friends and family. TruConnect rocks!
It's been great having TruConnect. Have had no problems with service. I would recommend this phone service to all my friends and family. You guys rock, keep up the good work!

March 24, 2023

Jonacilia P.
Queens Village, NY

Everything TruConnect does is well down. I am 100% satisfied! 
Everything is well done ✔ and I am 100% satisfied as a new customer.

March 23, 2023

Jeff S.
Lockport, NY

Thanks for connecting me to my girlfriend, loved ones, and friends!
Now I have the ability to reach out to my girlfriend, loved ones, and friends. That is important to me. Thank you!

March 23, 2023

Sarimar M.
Loiza, PR

TruConnect es increíble!
Great. Muy bueno y el telefono llego súper rápido y seguro!

March 23, 2023

Martha S.
Villa Rica, GA

You've helped me so much TruConnect. Thank you!
You help me so very much so thank you all for what you are doing.

March 23, 2023

Addie G.
Dexter, NY

Got connected so fast! TruConnect is the way to go for free phones and wireless service!
Excellent provider for individuals needing help with a mobile plan you can't afford to pay for. I'm truly grateful. Only took a couple days for my application to be approved and a couple days to receive the phone. TruConnect is the way to go!

March 22, 2023

Shanna M
Indianola, IA

Saved my life as my world was crumbling before my eyes. I can start over, thanks to TruConnect!
This could not have come at a better time in my life! My world had all but completely crumbled out from under me and I had been left in a position where I had no contact with the outside world and no had means to move forward in life and get back on my feet. This program allowed me to begin my journey of starting over again with a free phone and now I am currently waiting on my very reasonably affordable tablet in which I only had to pay $10.01 for! That is extraordinary considering I only had $60 to my name and have to be very wise on how I spend it to make the most of it to start anew. It will be worth every penny I am certain. Thank you so much for a chance at life. I had all but given up. Now I have a possible foreseeable future in the works thanks to this company and program!

March 22, 2023

Jesse R.
San Pedro, CA

I am 100% satisfied and thrilled for my awesome new free phone and service.
As far as satisfaction goes, I'm thrilled! With the provided customer service. Plus, the phone was the best thing that could happen. I've been playing music and streaming data ever since I got the phone for the last 24 hours. I have full bars everywhere I go, even at the beach off the pier. All my settings are simplified to assist me at its greatest highest capability. Thank you TruConnect!

March 22, 2023

Robert M.
Spokane, WA

Easiest and most straightforward experience for applying for a free government phone.
I found the experience to be the easiest and most straightforward application and program verification that I have been involved in. The other company's I have had previously used were woefully flawed right from the start with confusing websites that tossed me back and forth from one customer service agent to another until it was unclear which was which...half the time I got lost or misunderstood one instruction or another and poof...I found myself unsure if the request was approved or not. Not wanting to violate the rules I would go for weeks with no phone at all before I would try the whole thing over again. With TruConnect, I knew exactly where I was in the process and what was next.

March 19, 2023

Christina S.
Leesburg, FL

Very nice phone and free service is awesome for anyone on SSI fixed income
It's a very nice phone, plus the free unlimited minutes and text messages are great for anyone like me on SSI fixed income.

March 14, 2023

Kristen S.
Eastman, GA

Love the hotspot and free data
The hotspot and free data. Y'all are EXCELLENT. I LOVE Y'ALL 😜😁

March 14, 2023

Daniel M.
Westport, MA

Great phone, I appreciate you all a lot! It's definitely helps believe that. I give it 2 👍🏼👍🏼!

March 14, 2023

Shivon E.
Los Angeles, CA

Amazing free service. Perfect for those with EBT Food stamps, Medicaid, or SSI  
This free cell phone service is such a good service. Everybody should get it that has EBT food stamps, medicaid, or SSI.

March 14, 2023

Sara M.
North Salt Lake, UT

Mom approved: Fast delivery, perfect for daughter to stay connected
Delivery was fast, phone had no issues. Perfect for my daughter to be able to keep contact with me and her father.

March 14, 2023

Clark K.
Wahiawa, HI

Easy experience with no problems

My experience was very easy one without any problems especially with filling out the forms. Usually I will have problems with my email and my password but this time my application was easily accepted and this is why I gave 5 stars ✨! You delivered TruConnect! Thank you!

March 12, 2023

John M. 
Ephrata, PA

Awesome! Everything included.
Was awesome, everything was in order before it arrived, the SIM card, a protective cover, and no hassles starting it, thanks so much!

March 12, 2023

Meagan M.
Provo, UT

Easy and simple sign up, fast delivery, new free phone, and stress-free setup
The application and sign-up process was easy and simple to do. As well as the fast delivery of my new phone, setting it up and the first use was literally a 5-minute process that was easy for me and stress free. As opposed to other companies I have tried in the past, TruConnect was the fastest, easiest, and simplest I have ever used! Thank you so much for helping me with a free phone and free service when I needed it most! That counts!

March 11, 2023

Jason S.
Framingham, MA

A+++ customer service with easy setup! 👍👍
Well customer service is a+++ the rep I spoke too was very helpful and the service is great. Super easy too setup two thumbs up 👍👍

March 11, 2023

Heather C.
Dickson, TN

SO PLEASED with my new phone to keep me connected and available for my grandson's school
I am SO PLEASED with my new phone. My grandson's school was having a hard time getting ahold of me. Because the phone I had, could only be used with Wi-Fi. I couldn't afford phone service. Now, all of my problems are solved!

March 9, 2023

Janet P.
Colorado Springs, CO

Saving on my cell phone bill, gives me more to spend on other needs
Fixed income is why I like this plan. Saving here on my cell phone bill helps me keep ahead of my finances. I can spend more on needed items. Thanks!

March 5, 2023

Gerri Patterson
Swanton, VT

Absolutely love how it's so easy - even for someone who is computer illiterate
Absolutely love how it's so easy you literally sign up it's simple like I am computer illiterate and I had absolutely no problems and they sent it in just like a few days and then all you got to do is get the phone, charge it up, turn it on, and that starts your service. It's as simple as that! I absolutely love it! I get better service in my house with this than I used to do with AT&T. Absolutely awesome!

March 5, 2023

Bonita B.
Pahrump, NV

Dependable. Clear. Great customer service. Easy to use. 
I have never had a problem with TruConnect phone service or customer service.  The phone is dependable, has a clear connection, and is easy to use.🙂👍

February 23, 2023

Kevin M.
Canon City, CO

G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time) Phone: looks good, sounds good, works good!!! And so much more!!!
Your company is so terrific!!! I am a 68-year-old disabled veteran, who has to go in for my 10th surgery! Also been on a fixed income and still have a hard time making it, can just barely make my living bills each month. If it wasn't for TruConnect I wouldn't have a phone to contact my surgeons, loved ones, or an emergency call if I needed to!

Thank you TruConnect for your graciousness and much needed help with a phone! A true BLESSING!!!! THANK YOU, FROM A DISABLED VETERAN OF WAR!!! GOD-BLESS 🙏 TO ALL AT TRUCONNECT!!!

February 11, 2023

Kirt W.
Orland, IN

Best free government phone service EVER! All hale, TruConnect.
My phone works great. I got it and the service quick, which is awesome. I can understand customer service. This is my third government phone service in last six months. SafeLink blows. QLink blows even more. All hale TruConnect!!

February 11, 2023

Victoria L.
Santa Fe, NM

Switched to TruConnect with no hassle! Thanks for making it so easy!
Had no problems whatsoever. Switched my ACP account without no hassle. Got my equipment right away and got all set up. With free phone & service. Thank you TruConnect for being there when I needed you most. And for making it so darn easy!!!

February 11, 2023

Jennifer T.
Las Vegas, NV

So far, I love the service and the free phone. 
Well I have only had this phone for a few days now. The phone is nice quality for free, much better than my old one. The service on the phone is pretty fast too. So far I love it, thank you.

February 8, 2023

Dustin T.
Albion, MI

Totally blown away!
I am totally blown away with the options that are available and the rewards are bomb.

February 8, 2023

Robert V.
Parkville, MD

Tried every government phone company, but TruConnect is 100% the best!
I've had every government phone there is. In my opinion, TruConnect is the best. Thank you, TruConnect. God bless.

February 5, 2023

Bobbi K.
Charlotte, NC

Easy as can be - no help needed for setup! Shipping super fast and service is very reliable!
Shipping was fast and the service is really reliable. Everything was already set up, so no need for me to call customer service for assistance with setup!

February 5, 2023

Storma N.
Laramie, WY

Ready to update to 5-star service with this awesome free phone and service. So professional and helpful!
Exceptional, right out of box. So professional. The phone and service are everything they claim to be and do. From service to product and everything in between, I am blown away.  I've only had it for less than 24 hours and I'm already impressed. If TruConnect keeps up the amazing work and continues to represent themselves, I’ll definitely update this to a 5-star rating. Thank you and God bless.

February 5, 2023

Lamont W.
Bakersfield, CA

Making sure my service is on point always. Such a great deal to save on my phone bill!
The company is doing really great 👍 in making sure my service is on point every month without any problems. It is just a very good deal and I very much appreciate it. Thanks TruConnect, you guys are wonderful.

February 2, 2023

Kara B.
Omaha, NE

Super fast delivery - phone here in just 2 days! Quick and easy setup. I love it!
My free phone was here in just 2 days. Setup was quick and easy. After charging my phone, everything was ready to go. I highly recommend TruConnect!

January 31, 2023

Melissa M.
Cedar Rapids, IA

Choose TruConnect. You won't regret it!
TruConnect was so quick on delivery of phone and it’s actually an awesome phone. Great service and no lag with the internet. It’s a wonderful program you need to try if you are looking for a reliable service.

January 30, 2023

Haylie J.
Climax, NC

Love my hotspot! It keeps me connected wherever I go, plus I can make calls!
I love it because my hotspot can travel and make calls. It's so convenient and easy!!

January 30, 2023

Christopher P.
Lancaster, OH

So far, so good! Love that TruConnect only sends me relevant messages!
TruConnect doesn't bombard my emails and phone numbers like the other companies do. It is so nice to only get relevant communications. 

January 30, 2023

Uruk B.
Williamson, WV

Took 10 years to find TruConnect, but so glad I did. Plus, I finally got a tablet that works! 
TruConnect is the best free phone company I have found in 10 years! They gave me a tablet that works really well... the other company gave me a tablet that was pure garbage. It didn't work at all. It kept freaking every time I turned it on. It didn't work at all. I threw it right out into the trash.

January 29, 2023

Brittany P.
Columbia, SC

Very helpful! Grateful to have TruConnect on my side.
You guys are great helping people and families in need thank you for caring for the community ❤️

January 29, 2023

Mary M.
East Lansing, MI

Perfect phone for Mom in nursing home. Incredible customer service.
I ordered this phone for my mom who is in a nursing home. I was getting concerned because I had not received an email confirmation in the expected timeframe so I called for an update. I spoke Tia and after confirming my identity, she looked up my order number. She put me on a brief hold and when she returned, she told me the phone was arriving that day. She was very professional and was able to answer all my questions. I gave my mom her phone and she is so happy!

January 29, 2023

Dylan P.
Stockton, CA

10/10 recommend. TruConnect is always there for me. Reliable, trustworthy, friendly customer service, and plenty of data! 
Acquisition of device and service was efficient. Attendant was very down to earth and friendly. Service is consistent and reliable and generous in allotted data per month. Each and every time I need something, I can always grab my free Cloud Mobile device and TruConnect is there for me in a pinch. We all go through rough patches and TruConnect is always reliable and trustworthy company to have in your pocket. 10/10 recommend.

January 29, 2023

Antonio S.
Wheat Ridge, CO

Great to have reliable service and reminders to keep service!
It's great to have a reliable service. The phone works just fine and my device is active every month and when I forget to use the sim to make a call or even send a text I get a reminder. It's convenient to have as a backup phone and I would recommend.

January 27, 2023

Keslie G.
Saint Cloud, MN

Best service provider.
Truconnect is the best service provider out there

January 27, 2023

Colby B.
Albuquerque, NM

Very nice free phone and the service has helped me so much.
Very nice phone. This has helped me with making being homeless not as bad.

January 27, 2023

Drew G.
Indianapolis, IN

I love TruConnect's service - it saves me a ton of money!
I love this. TruConnect has definitely saved me a lot. I would definitely recommend this service to everyone!

January 20, 2023

Deborah L.
Richmond, VA

I FINALLY have a great phone with fantastic service! Reliable. Dependable. Easy.
After a dismal experience with Assurance Wireless (a dead phone that would not charge for TWO MONTHS; threats to remove me from the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) after ignoring repeated requests for assistance, along with terrible customer service), I switched to TruConnect. I now have a reliable, dependable phone and service. The phone they provided was easy to activate and update. And it is a very nice phone.

January 19, 2023

Ryan M.
Phoenix, AZ

Helpful customer care team made number porting easy!
TruConnect customer service was easy to communicate with on my issue porting my number from my old service provider. It was a very smooth and easy process. Thanks!!!!

January 19, 2023

Marcia G.
Watertown, WI

Arrived and ready to use ASAP! Now I don't have to choose between paying for my cell phone or food.
Wow it arrived ready... and was able to use right away... thank you. 😊 Now I won't miss my appointments via phone calls. Thank you... it was the choice of minutes for a phone or food last year...

January 19, 2023

Joseph L.
Pawtucket, RI

A Christmas miracle for a little girl with stage 3 cancer.  Thanks TruConnect for making gifting the tablet possible!
I wrote a review yesterday about a tablet I bought and I received it with the screen smashed. The gift was for a little girl with stage 3 cancer, when TruConnect's management saw the review, they called me apologized for the misunderstanding and said they will replace the tablet. Thanks to TruConnect, that little girl will now get the gift that she always wanted. Thank you TruConnect! I know this gift will make her holiday wonderful. Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

December 21, 2022

Natlie L.
Pearl, MS

Everything I could have asked for and more. Free phone and service didn't disappoint!
Everything is great! Data, cell service, customer service help, everything!

November 20, 2022

Mari A.
Moss Point, MS

I absolutely love TruConnect. I'll stay with TruConnect as long as they'll have me.
I absolutely love TruConnect, they are one of the best phone services I've had yet. The data never runs out. I also have a decent hotspot, plus the phone service never drops calls. It doesn't come with a case or headphones like my last phone did, however I would trade all that for the good quality service instead of the accessories because what are the accessories if you don't have the service to go with it? I will stay with TruConnect for as long as they'll have me.

October 16, 2022

Kellie G.
Evansville, IN

A Lifeline indeed
I transferred over from Q-Link. So far so good. I haven't been placed on hold for hours. I got a live person who I could understand and has helped clear up any issues that I had.

October 14, 2022

Patricia C.
, CA

TruConnect is so rewarding! Helps me save and keep in touch while on low-income budget. 
TruConnect is rewarding for me. I'm on a low-income budget this really helps me. I'm going to tell my friends about this. It helps me keep up with my contacts. Thank you, TruConnect.

October 14, 2022

William A.
San Diego, CA

Never had a problem with you TruConnect
I’ve never had a problem with you TruConnect, plus I ordered a tablet for only 10 bucks. Can’t go wrong.

October 9, 2022

Junius P. 
Stockton,  CA

Great mobile broadband offer 
Never had a problem. Always have a good connection.

October 9, 2022

Kelley S. 
Greenleaf,  ID

It is a godsend to not have a phone bill now that my husband passed away. Thank you TruConnect.
I am extremely pleased with pretty much everything at TruConnect. I’m not one to reach out for help but since my husband passed away and it’s up to me alone to pay the bills, I fall short every month, so this was a nice surprise and has been a godsend to not have a phone bill. I truly appreciate it. Thank you, sincerely.

October 8, 2022

Yoshinda M.
Holt, MI

Best cell phone provider ever. 
The best cell phone provider ever. A very wise choice.

September 22, 2022

Alyssia C.
Fresno, CA

5 stars for TruConnect. Got a brand-new free phone, phone number, and service. It’s the best! 
I give TruConnect 5 stars. They are the best! They sent me a brand new 🆕 phone and a new cell phone number. They really are the best. l would very much recommend switching to whatever phone company that you have if you have a free government phone 📱to TruConnect. For example, I was with Assurance Wireless for 2 years and I am now back with TruConnect now. There's no other provider like them.

September 16, 2022

Melissa R.
Jurupa Valley, CA

Excellent service, helpful customer service, and can bring your own phone  
Excellent data service, helpful customer service, lets you use a different phone not assigned by them. Overall, a great experience.

September 9, 2022

Taylor T.
Brooklyn, NY

Great mobile broadband offer 
I couldn't afford paying $50/month when I don't use mobile internet every month. TruConnect lets me pay only when I need it and pay by the MB. This means I save money since I would never use anywhere near 1GB because I'm almost always on a home of office Wi-Fi network.

October 11, 2011

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