MyTruConnect: The Top Rated Account Management App from TruConnect

Our customers have spoken, the MyTruConnect app is one of a kind. With a 4.5 star rating on GooglePlay, more than 11k reviews, and over 500k downloads, our customers love our app, MyTruConnect, because it helps them stay connected to the people, things, and moments that matter most.

What is the MyTruConnect App?

The MyTruConnect app is available on Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad), and allows you to manage your account on the go. You can monitor your usage, earn rewards, top-up data or minutes, find Wi-Fi hotspots, and connect to Wi-Fi for free in more than 10 million locations. 

How Does the MyTruConnect App Work?

Our app is a downloadable program, or application (app), that goes on your phone, like your internet web browser, music player, or social media app. Here’s how our MyTruConnect app works.


You can also download an app called “SIM Serial Number (ICCID),” which can locate your phone’s ICCID.

  1. Download the app from either GooglePlay or Apple. Go to your device’s app store and entering “MyTruConnect” or “TruConnect” into the search bar. (Usually, the search function looks like a small magnifying glass, click on it, and the search function will open.) Once you’ve found the app, click “download,” and your MyTruConnect app will start downloading.


  2. After downloading MyTruConnect, click on the app to open it and sign in. You’ll need your TruConnect phone number or the ICCID, or identifier, on your SIM card. Enter your phone number to sign in, or you can enter or scan your SIM Identifier number. If you still have the plastic card with your SIM card, you can enter that number to sign in to the app. Or, you can find the number on your phone.


  3. For Android users, go to “settings,” then “About phone” or “About device.” Click on “Status” or “phone status.” Next, scroll down until you find your carrier information underneath your SIM identifier.


  4. For Apple users, go to “settings” and click “General.” Click on “About,” then scroll down until you see your carrier information and your SIM identifier number underneath.


  5. Once you’ve signed in, your whole account is accessible at a glance, and you can make changes with a click of a button.


How is the MyTruConnect App Beneficial and Valuable to Customers?

  1. Track your usage and minutes.


We’re here for you while you’re on the go or working on your creative projects. Keep an eye on your usage so you can manage your data how you want. Stay in your loop with MyTruConnect.


  1. Pay your bill if you have one.


Paying your TruConnect bill just got easy. Make a fast and secure payment with the tap of a button using the MyTruConnect app.


  1. Top up minutes or data if you’re running low.


We make it easy to stay in touch with what you’re learning, loving, and laughing at these days. Keep up with your streaming, conversations, and projects by easily topping off minutes and data.


  1. Earn Rewards.


You can earn virtual currency, called TruRewards, to help you stay connected. Cash in your TruRewards for Top Ups, like extra data and more. 

You can earn TruRewards by watching videos on the MyTruConnect app, participating in offers, or referring your friends and family to TruConnect. 


  1. Find Wi-Fi hot spots near you.


Find and connect to millions of free Wi-Fi spots around the country. The MyTruConnect app helps you locate these hotspots with ease.


  1. Renew your Lifeline or ACP eligibility


When it’s time to renew, we make it easy with our app. Renew by simply logging in and entering your information. That way, you can stay close to the people you love in your life.

Signing in to MyTruConnnect is Easy

It’s easy to sign in and use the app. You can start with your phone number or use your SIM identifier, which is the number engraved onto your TruConnect phone’s SIM card. You can also enter this number by hand or scan the number using your computer or phone camera. (You may need to grant TruConnect permission to access your camera.) It’s that simple!

At TruConnect, we are here to help. If you have any questions about your MyTruConnect app, please reach out to Customer Care. You can call us or chat with us Monday-Saturday from 5 am to 9 pm PST.