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Truly unlimited.

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Ready for free Internet, a free Android phone, plus unlimited talk, text, and data?

When you qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and Lifeline you receive unlimited talk, text, and data without the expensive monthly bill. Includes:

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New Android™ smartphone

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Unlimited talk & text

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Unlimited monthly data*

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Option to buy a tablet for $10.01^

Enter your Zip Code and Email to get started:

How it works

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Get enrolled within minutes, today.

It’s quick and easy to apply for your Lifeline and ACP plan. Answer a few simple questions and submit your proof of eligibility documents to start enjoying your free, unlimited talk, text, and data!

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Approval, shipping, and activation

Once approved, we’ll ship your brand-new device or SIM card, all at no cost to you. When your order arrives, just follow the instructions provided to start using your TruConnect service and get connected in no time!

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Use your TruConnect service each month

To keep your TruConnect service active, you need to use it at least once per month. Some examples of data usage include calling, texting, streaming videos, or surfing the internet.

What's the Affordable Connectivity Program?

The ACP benefit is a federal government program committed to providing all Americans with broadband Internet service. If you’re eligible, your household will receive one free smartphone and monthly service.

Qualifying programs include all Lifeline programs, plus:

  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
  • National School Lunch Program
  • Federal Pell Grant
  • WIC
African American woman woman texting on smartphone standing up against blue wall
African American woman woman texting on smartphone standing up against blue wall

MyTruConnect keeps you connected.

Manage your account

With our app, you can keep track of your monthly data usage, renew your plan, update account information, and stay informed.

Add or upgrade

If you're running low on data or international minutes, add a Top Up to your account. You can also upgrade your device from the app.

Earn rewards

Need a boost? You can earn free virtual currency within the app, called Trumans, then convert those into Top Ups for more data.

Save your data

Get unlimited data when you find and connect to our network of more than five million hotspot locations, all accessible within the app.

MyTruConnect App Screen on mobile smartphone
MyTruConnect App Screen on mobile smartphone

Renew your ACP benefit

As a TruConnect ACP customer, you’re required to renew your free phone service each year to stay connected. Remember, the ACP benefit is non-transferable. Only eligible customers can enroll, and the program is limited to one service per household.


* ​​​​See Terms and Conditions
 ^ Tablet discount available to eligible customers only. Eligible households can receive a one-time discount on a tablet device through the Affordable Connectivity Program.