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Top 6 Mistakes Making Your Phone Run Slow


Read on to uncover these six common mistakes slowing down your phone. And, more importantly, the solutions to get your phone back up and running at top efficiency.

Smartphones have seamlessly integrated into our lives, serving as a gateway to communication, productivity, and entertainment. However, even the most advanced devices suffer from sluggish performance at times. You're not alone if you’ve experienced your phone moving at a snail’s pace.  

Read on to uncover these six common mistakes slowing down your phone. And, more importantly, the solutions to get your phone back up and running at top efficiency.


Reboot your phone  

“Did you turn it off and then back on?” This is the easiest trick and the most common question from IT technicians everywhere — why is that, you ask? Turning your phone off and on clears the RAM, which stands for random access memory.  

RAM is your phone’s short-term memory bank, where data is needed to run your apps and temporarily store files. When your RAM is overloaded, your phone tends to slow down, so rebooting your phone clears out clutter and gives you a clean slate.  


Check your Wi-Fi  

If you’re experiencing lagging videos and slow-loading websites, the culprit might not be your phone but your Wi-Fi connection. Give your phone a quick reset to check the internet connection. To do this, change your phone to airplane mode, wait a few seconds, and then click off airplane mode.  

If your browser is still sluggish, try switching off your Wi-Fi and connecting via a different network. If you notice a speed improvement, the issue is with your Wi-Fi. These easy solutions often resolve connectivity issues and remove the frustrations of slow-moving videos. 


Clear your cache  

Clearing out your phone’s cache can speed things up. A smartphone is essentially a minicomputer, and computers need to have their caches cleared.  

A cache serves as temporary data storage used by apps to avoid repetitive downloads of the same information, such as storing passwords to frequently visited websites. It also helps free up valuable storage space, especially for older phone models with smaller capacity.  

To do this on Cloud Mobile’s C7, which is exclusive to TruConnect, you’ll need to clear your cache in your “system apps,” (apps that come with your phone) and your “managed apps” (the apps you’ve downloaded yourself). 


How to clear your cache on Android system apps:

  1. First, go to “Settings” then “Apps” then tap “System app settings.”  

  1. Scroll to the app whose cache you want to clear, for example, “Mi browser.” 

  1. Then tap “Clear data.”  

  1. It’ll ask you to confirm, “Clear all data cached during your browsing?”  

  1. Click “OK” and it will clear your system apps’ cache. 


How to clear your cache on Android managed apps:

  1. Navigate to “Settings” then tap “Apps.” Select, “Managed apps.” 

  1. Scroll to the app whose cache you want to clear and tap it.  

  1. On the screen’s bottom right-hand corner, you’ll see a little eraser icon and the option to “Clear data.” Tap it.  

  1. It’ll ask you to confirm. Click “OK” and your phone will clear all your managed apps’ cache. 


Delete apps  

Ever had too much clutter in your house? Having too many apps you don’t use is a form of clutter, which can slow down your phone. Apps that are rarely used occupy valuable storage space, clutter your home screen, and make it difficult to find essential apps.  

Each unnecessary app means your phone must work harder, constantly load data, update in the background, and run processes that may not benefit you. Deleting these apps can optimize your phone’s performance.  


Update your operating system 

Similarly to apps, Google always updates and enhances its Android operating system. Operating system updates can improve speed, interface, and even battery life. 

Try to regularly install the latest operating system updates, especially when your phone pops up with that notification. Having the latest version will help your phone run smoother and faster.  


How to update the operating system on Cloud Mobile’s C7:  

  1. Go to “Settings” 

  1. Then tap, “System” 

  1. Select, “System Update,”  

  1. Then tap, “Check for Updates”  

From there, your phone will tell you if it’s time to update your operating system. You can choose to update it immediately or later if you wish. 


Try a factory reset   

If all the steps above do not work, your last resort is to do a factory reset. A factory reset erases all the data from your device, restoring it to its original state with only the operating system intact. Doing this will reset your phone to its factory condition, just like how you first received it.  

Before proceeding, back up all your data, which will be lost forever after the reset. A factory reset has the potential to revive your phone’s performance entirely.  


A slow-running smartphone can be frustrating, but simple solutions can get your phone back up and running in an efficient manner. Avoiding common mistakes like excessive apps, low storage, and not running the latest operating system can enhance your phone’s performance.  

Plus, keeping your phone in top shape with simple, regular maintenance, like clearing your cache, updating apps, and the occasional reboot, can help you keep your phone in great shape for longer. 

And if none of these tricks help your phone get back to normal, TruConnect offers a variety of devices at an affordable price. 


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