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6 Android Apps to Simplify and Hit Your Goals


Big goals are hard to keep, so, to keep you — and ourselves — on track, we’ve found the best apps to support your goals and spark some joy along the way. Whether you’re a goals enthusiast or a weary skeptic, these productivity apps promise to add a dash of delight to your self-improvement pursuit.  


Map My Walk: Activity Tracking

You don’t need an elaborate New Year’s resolution to start 2024 off on the right foot. With the Map My Walk app, you can enlist your smartphone to nudge you towards your 2024 goals. A study by the Journal of American Cardiology found that walking 2,700 steps reduces cardiovascular events by 11%. 

The app helps you set reasonable milestones to put you on a successful path that users can sustain. Map My Walk will track and map your workouts, analyze performance, suggest new routes, and connect you with fellow app-using friends to help you stay motivated.  


Toggl Track: Time Tracking 

Have you ever gone through the day and wondered where all your time went? The Toggl app is a free simple tool to help keep you on track. Recording your daily routine and recurring tasks can provide insight into where and how you spend your time—and adjust how you spend it accordingly.  

You can manage your workday by tracking time across projects, clients, or tasks. You can also download reports that will break down your day into hours and minutes, which will help you identify your most profitable efforts.  


StickK: Goals and Accountability 

We’ve all been there—we set a resolution to lose a few pounds or walk more steps, but come February, it’s all but forgotten. Well, the StickK app is designed to hold you accountable. Why? Because it’s common knowledge that when accountability is in place, people tend to keep their promise.  

With StickK, you set a goal and then pick a real person – which StikK calls a “referee”– to be accountable to if you fail. Some people donate money or post on social media as a punishment, spurring greater user commitment. Make sure you’re ready to stick to your goals or face the consequences if you don’t!  


WaterMinder: Track Your Hydration 

You’ve heard it before: water is essential for keeping your body working at peak levels. Dehydration can cause headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and mood swings, so staying hydrated is the key to maintaining your health.  

With the WaterMinder app, you can keep tabs on your hydration progress, set personalized water goals, and stay motivated with reminders throughout the day. You’ll even get to earn awards for achieving your goals.  


Quicken: Track Your Money 

If saving money and staying within your budget are your New Year's resolutions, you need an app to help you manage your financial goals. Perhaps one of your goals is spending less on that daily cup of joe.   

Check out the Quicken app, a personal finance tool designed to help you keep your finances in line. Whether creating a budget, saving money, or exploring investments, Quicken has it all in one place.  You can even get real-time alerts and reports, so you’ll always be in the know regarding your finances.  


Voidpet Garden: Mental Health 

Want to keep your mental health top of mind? Mental health awareness has risen to new levels since the pandemic, and more people are making it a priority in their lives.  

You can download the Voidpet Garden app and create mysterious creatures (think Pokemon) that spawn from your emotions to keep such a serious subject light and silly. How cool is that? Each emotion has a different creature associated with it, and you can collect all the species that visit your garden of consciousness. It also guides you in practicing self-care and communicating with others.  


All these apps are available on an Android device, which you can snag from TruConnect. Check today to see if you’re eligible for a smartphone and high-speed internet service at no cost to you. 

Which app will you be downloading with your Android phone?  


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