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How to Get Amazon Prime at No Cost With TruConnect


Eligible TruConnect+ customers get Amazon Prime at no extra cost, as long as their plans stay active. 

What if you could get all the perks of Amazon Prime through a phone plan and get free shipping on millions of items you already use right to your door?  

With a Prime membership, you could get free delivery on groceries, toilet paper, baby formula, school supplies, books, and more. 

Prime members also get access to thousands of movies, TV shows, music, and games.  

And best of all— eligible TruConnect+ customers get Amazon Prime at no extra cost, as long as their plans stay active. 


Why do I need Amazon Prime for free? 

Read on to learn more about how to benefit from an Amazon Prime membership. 


Prime Video: Stream Movies and Television Shows  

Prime Video is an international streaming platform and is a special perk for Prime members. Prime Video offers unlimited streaming access to some of the latest television shows, like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, new movies, and celebrated classics like Never Been Kissed and The Patriot. 

Prime Video is perfect for families with its extensive range of family-friendly flicks and television shows for ages 1-18. Enjoy popular family-friendly movies or choose from hundreds of TV-G-rated shows.  

Prime members also have the option to subscribe to popular channels like Showtime or HBO through their Amazon Prime account.  


Amazon Groceries 

With your Amazon Prime account, you can use SNAP or EBT to pay for eligible groceries. Life is easier with Amazon Prime! 


Prime Reading: Free books, magazines, comics, and audiobooks 

With Prime Reading, you’ll have thousands of free books, comics, and magazines at your fingertips through Prime Reading. Choose from a popular series, new releases, or old favorites— all with Amazon Prime.  

You’ll have access to Amazon's original publications from numerous genres, including crime, romance, non-fiction, and thrillers.  If you prefer to listen to your books while driving to work, exercising, or doing household chores, then you’ll love Prime Reading’s selection of audiobooks. Most of their popular eBooks are available in audio format, giving you thousands of hours of listening pleasure ahead of you.  


Prime Music: Stream Unlimited Tunes 

Whether you want a soundtrack for the great new book you found on Prime Reading, cooking dinner, or hosting a party, Prime Music has you covered. Listen to over 2 million songs AD FREE!  

Can’t choose? Prime Music includes a Prime Playlist for any mood—from helping you finish those reps to doing yard work, you can find a playlist that will help you do whatever you need to get done, including relaxing.  


Prime Gaming 

Gaming enthusiasts, rejoice! With Prime Gaming, you get the following: 

  1. Access to FREE PC games, which you can keep forever! Choose from a rotating selection each month.  

  1. Free in-game content to enhance your normal gameplay! Choose from popular in-game content like a Big Battle Bear Mount for the game, World of Warcraft, and other popular games.  

  1. A free subscription to any Twitch channel you like each month! 


Amazon Photos: Preserve Precious Memories 

Enjoy unlimited photo storage with Amazon Photos! Take and store all the photos you want while freeing up space on your TruConnect phone…for more photos. 


How to Get Amazon Prime with TruConnect 

Get two months of Amazon Prime on us when you sign up for an eligible TruConnect phone plan.+  Enrolling in a free wireless plan from TruConnect is easy, and you’ll get the following: 

  1. Free Unlimited talk  

  1. Free Unlimited text 

  1. 8 GB monthly data 

  1. Option to buy a tablet for $10.01^ 

  1. Free unlimited international calling to Canada, China, Mexico, South Korea, and Vietnam  


Sign up with TruConnect today and enjoy the endless savings and entertainment of an Amazon Prime membership on TruConnect. 

+Offer subject to change. Amazon Prime through Prime Access is $6.99/month after the 2-month promotional period if you opt-in for autorenewal. Cancel anytime by visiting “Manage Prime Membership” in “Your Account” on Amazon.com and adjusting your membership settings. Customers must be first-time Amazon Prime customers to be eligible. Link to redeem Amazon Prime offer will be sent upon activation of your SIM Card and start of service with TruConnect. 

^ Tablet discount available to eligible customers only. Eligible households can receive a one-time discount on a tablet device through the Affordable Connectivity Program.


About TruConnect
TruConnect is the fastest-growing premium low-cost wireless service provider in the U.S., expanding the availability of wireless and internet service plans and low-cost devices through Lifeline and the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) to all eligible Americans. TruConnect is mission-driven, transforming how people connect to the world and helping more Americans access critical resources while staying connected to family and friends. With no-contract plans for voice, text, and data and easy-to-use devices like handsets, tablets, and hotspots, TruConnect is bridging the digital device and connecting millions of Americans who have been overlooked and underserved by traditional providers.