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Keeping your Android phone running smoothly and efficiently can be difficult and time-consuming, especially if you've had your device for awhile. Check out these great apps that will not only help your phone run faster, but are also small enough to allow you to hold on to that storage space while still enjoying everything you love. 


toolbox iconAll-In-One Toolbox

Toolbox App

This device-cleaning app is the Jack-of-all-trades! Not only does it clear out pointless junk from your storage, it also boosts speed, performance, and memory, and acts as a manager for your apps and files. 

Simply scan for useless cache, files, empty folders, unused apps and images, and trash them in one tap. You can also tap to stop unnecessary system tasks that cause your device to drag.

All-In-One Toolbox is also equiped with an app manager (that helps you uninstall apps, backup/restore, increase boot-up speed, and customize the apps you want to run when you start-up your phone easily), an easy to use and categorized file manager, and a notification manager. 


GooglePhotos IconGoogle Photos

GooglePhotos App

Google Photos is definitely a must-have for all Android users. Not only does it organize all of your favorite photos, it also automatically backs-up your photos and videos to Google's own cloud storage. You'll never have to clutter and slow down your device with your photography skills again!

Categorize your photos and videos automatically by people, location, and things, making it easy to search for the item you want without tagging them. Also, enjoy the wonders of collages, animations, panoramas, advanced editing, and smart albums. 

Not only does this app help free-up space, it also offers unlimited storage for free in high quality and you can access your photos and videos from any device. 


Spotify IconSpotify

Spotify App

Similar to Google Photos, Spotify Music offers users the freedom of unlimited albums -- without using up storage on your device. Also, for only $9.99 a month, all of your favorite music is commercial-free!

This app has changed the world of playlists. You can create your own playlists of your favorite music as well as listen to pre-made playlists of popular music, up-and-coming-artists, and what's trending. All of which are updated constantly. 

You fall in love with Spotify's premium feature, which gives you the freedom of playing any song at any time, download music for offline listening, state-of-the-art sound quality, and no ad interruptions!


WiFi IconWi-Fi Finder

WiFi App

You're in luck! Your TruConnect device already comes pre-loaded with the Wi-Fi Finder app, a free public Wi-Fi radar at the palm of your hands! 

Save on your monthly data by searching for and favoriting free Wi-Fi hotspots in your area and wherever you venture. Get access to over 550,000 free and paid locations in 144 countries whether you're online or offline!

The Wi-Fi Finder app lets you scan for hotspots around you and worldwide, view hotspot details, directions, and contact numbers (call the location within the app!), and filter hotspots by category (cafes, hotels, etc.).


Wiser IconWiser

Wiser App 

Let's face it -- Android OS can be confusing, unlike the sleek operating system of the iPhone. However, what the Android has that iOS does not is the freedom of customization. So, why not customize your Android device's home screen to be as easy to use as possible? The Wiser launcher is as user-friendly as they come, and only uses a minimal amount of storage!

This app allows you to customize your home screen with simple, bold, and colorful icon shortcuts, your favorite contacts and apps, while also making text messaging and adding contacts easier than ever. The big dial pad for easy phone calls doesn't hurt either!

Want to customize the homescreen of a loved-one's Android device? Remotely personalize their launcher screen with Wiser's sister app, Wiser Companion